Pyramid Gift Box - Paper Craft Project
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The Pyramid Gift Box

Copy this box template to the size you wish your box to be.  Cut it out of cardstock and fold on the dotted lines.  Only adhere the two outer triangles on the pyramid lid.  The three flaps on the base will be folded upward and just tucked into the lid. 

I took some light weight wire and spiraled it around to create a round paper clip, leaving a tail on it.  Once you put the pyramid together, you will find a tiny hole in the top of the box.  I poked the wire 'tail' into the hole, then applied hot glue from the inside of the box.  Make up name tags for your guests and slip them into the wire. 

Place a Chocolate Truffle inside the box.  As far as the design on the outside of the box, I used a ribbon paper punch and adhered them to the box. Use a punch that goes with the occassion or holiday!

To close the box and seal it, fold the tiny tab under the box and tape.

You will impress your guests with these individual gift boxes!