Another Great Paper Craft Project
Paper Cake Slices

Wow!  This paper craft project is wonderful!
Make one slice or eight slices to make a whole cake.

Fold along the dotted lines and glue flaps down.  Leave the top free so that you can open and close it.  Once you have filled the slices, tape the lid down loosely.

If making a whole cake, make eight slices, then line them up in a circle.  I used a hardened icing, like what they use to make gingerbread houses, to ice the cake and give it a 'real looking' appearance.  Then I topped it with plastic old fashioned Christmas candies.

The ideas are limitless!  Depending on how you decorate the cake, it will fit all occassions.  Fill each slice with fudge, nuts, mints..etc.  Guests will enjoy this because they can eat it for dessert or take it home for later.  Your guests will definitely be impressed!