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You can make this heart pattern as large as you'd like it.  Change the heart to one of your favorite Iris Folding patterns.  Once you have finished your Iris Folding, adhere a piece of paper over the back side, to give your box a nice inside finish.  Fold on the dotted lines.  Put 2-sided tape or glue on the 'tab' and adhere to the other side of the heart.  Punch two holes, where you see the small circles, and run ribbon through them, creating a handle.  Insert flowers, candy, a small book, etc. and hang it on someone's door.  What a pleasant surprise this would be.  It may be someone celebrating a birthday or anniversary.  Perhaps they aren't feeling well.  Maybe they're just having a bad day!  Hang it on their door and RUN!  It doesn't have to be MAY day to let someone know you care!
Iris Folding Paper Craft - Heart Basket