If you already know how to iris fold and do not need the book, you can have access to the Owner's Exclusive templates for a 'one time' donation of $15.  This is to help with the cost of the website and maintaining it.   New templates are added each month and the collection is growing very quickly. 
Once your donation is received, you should immediately be re-directed to another page so you can retrieve the password.  If for some strange reason, you do not get re-directed, send me an email so that I can send it to you.  Please allow 30 to 45 minutes for my reply as I could be away from the computer.  

A portion of your donation will be given to 'Helping Hands', a not-for-profit organization, here in Missouri, that supplies shelter, food and clothes for the homeless.  They also help their residents get jobs, transportation, child care and their own place to live.  Most of the people who come to Helping Hands are families with children or single mom's with children.  The donation will be given in your name.

Simplicity of Iris Folding
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