Iris Folding is a fun and exciting way for all people to make spectacular greeting cards and framed art!  Iris Folding, using a simple paper folding technique, is done using a template, cardstock and colored paper strips.  Some of the most popular papers used in Iris Folding are colored envelopes, gift wrap, origami and scrap-booking sheets, and holographic paper.  This technique is widely used for card making.  
    This book is packed with over 40 full-sized Iris Folding templates and patterns, designed to fit a 5x7 greeting card or frame.  It also includes something you won’t find in other Iris Folding books.  You will find instructions on how to make your own patterns and templates using a very simple method, as well as see card making ideas in full color.  The book would not be complete without including four pages filled with greetings for placing inside your greeting cards. This could be the only book you’ll ever need on Iris Folding!  

    You also become a member of the 'Book Owners Exclusives', which means free new templates to add to your collection!  There are currently 139 templates in the the 'exclusives'.
Iris Folding/Paper Folding Templates and Card Making Ideas by Sarah Decker
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Simplicity of Iris Folding
"The only book you will ever need on iris folding!"